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  1. Equifax Website Hacked Again, this Time To Redirect To Fake Flash Update (arstechnica.com) .. from slashdot.org Posted by msmash on Thursday October 12, 2017 @11:21AM from the fool-me-once dept. For several hours on Wednesday Equifax's website was compromised again, this time to deliver fraudulent Adobe Flash updates, which when clicked, infected visitors' computers with adware that was detected by only three of 65 antivirus providers, reports Dan Goodin at Ars Technica. From the report:Randy Abrams, an independent security analyst by day, happened to visit the site Wednesday evening to contest what he said was false information he had just found on his credit report. Eventually, his browser opened up a page on the domain hxxp:centerbluray.info. He was understandably incredulous. The site that previously gave up personal data for virtually every US person with a credit history was once again under the control of attackers, this time trying to trick Equifax visitors into installing crapware Symantec calls Adware.Eorezo. Knowing a thing or two about drive-by campaigns, Abrams figured the chances were slim he'd see the download on follow-on visits. To fly under the radar, attackers frequently serve the downloads to only a select number of visitors, and then only once. Abrams tried anyway, and to his amazement, he encountered the bogus Flash download links on at least three subsequent visits.Update: Equifax said on Thursday it was taking one of its web pages offline as its security team looks into reports of another potential cyber breach. Equifax is just another in a long list of recent hacks .. shame on any company who puts data in a forward facing portal .. Put it out there and 'they will come' Rick Lipkin
  2. Just downloaded 6.04 and that version does also seem to fix the problem with Adobe Reader and Excel .. however, 6.04 still has a high CPU usage after I loaded it on a Windows 8, 64 bit machine. After the initial install the CPU indicator pegged out at 100 % and sat there and fluctuated some, but made the computer almost unusable ... I also went to the Computer Icon, right clicked and left clicked on Manage .. got an Immunet 6.04 .dll error ( forgot what it was ) and I went to the Immunet install folder and the .dll file was there .. ( perhaps not registered properly ? ) Unfortunately, I once again had to uninstall 6.04 and roll back to 5.02. Rick Lipkin
  3. New to the Forum and been an Immunet user for many years .. I confirm that version 6.02 breaks Excel and Adobe Acrobat .. I have tried changing the detection parameters without success ... the only solution was to uninstall 6.02 and roll back to version 5.0.2 I am hoping for a solution soon. Rick Lipkin
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