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  1. [All post text deleted the first time again... only forum in dozens that has this problem for me...] Immunet v6.06 has cured the problem I reported. Its service starts OK when I login as "Standard User", and scans run OK. Win 10 Pro x64.
  2. OP here. To get back on track: I login to my Win10 x64 PC as a Standard User. The Immunet v6.0.4 service does not start, so the util can do nothing. [Am I the only person here running that way? No other reports, confirmations, or contradictions?] [Not due to a CCleaner infection - my PC wasn't even exposed to that and the telltales aren't there.]
  3. [What is it with this forum? Every post I make has all its text deleted at least once... I have to "Edit" the blank one. I'm using Chrome with ScriptSafe and a few other privacy extensions.] I re-sent the SDP file as an encrypted RAR archive; maybe that will get through OK.
  4. [somehow the entire message body was deleted when I posted this a few minutes ago...] Running Immunet English under Windows 10 Pro x64. This is my home PC so I own the Administrator account. However, I always run under a Standard User account for better security. Immunet will install under Standard User, but its service will not autostart when I log in as Standard User. So it can't run scans. I have emailed a Support Diagnostic 7z archive to support@immunet.com**. Note the even when the Support Diagnostic tool is run under the Standard User account, it puts its report on the Administrator desktop, which makes it hard to find. **FAIL - my email of the 7z diagnostic archive to support@immunet.com is constantly being rejected by the Google intermediary mail handler for "security reasons". Maybe the filenames containing the word "exe" are the problem eg "immunet.exe.log". One Immunet support message said to upload this attachment to the "Box" link but I can't find anything like that in any message or on the site. The "How to Post an Effective Bug Report" sticky post here says to email the report as I did. ** RE-SENT the 7z archive using a Cox email account ** REJECTED again... so exactly how are we to send you the 7z diagnostic archives?
  5. Another problem with v6.0.2, which may not be specific to Win 10 x64: Although I have the Admin account on my home machine, I run as a "Standard User". This is recommended everywhere for better protection against malware. ==> But - Immunet won't scan under my Standard User account, because the service won't start! And as described above it won't scan unless I completely disable "Sphinx Windows 10 Firewall Control" which is just a front end for the built-in Win10 firewall. That may be a problem with the Win10 code, or somehow with Sphinx, but it looks more like an issue with Immunet. Bad luck that I only discovered Immunet today, and the older versions aren't available. I was very surprised at the number of almost crippling problems in what I thought was a very mature app.
  6. When you say "doesn't want to run" - do you mean it won't run at all, or it won't scan? On my Windows 10 machine the scan wouldn't start. It would just pop an error window saying "Your scan has failed to complete. An error has occurred". I eventually discovered that the scan will only run if there is internet access, and for some reason my firewall wasn't registering a request for that. When I disabled the firewall, the scan proceeded.
  7. Windows 10 Home x64 - Immunet downloaded today (where to find version #?), first use. When I "Stop Scan", the GUI responds with the "Scan - Pause" window saying "Your scan has been cancelled" - but the number of files keeps increasing. When I close that window and go back to the main screen, it still says "Scanning...". There is (??) no way to shut down the app, even from the tray icon. I can kill it using Windows Task Mgr, but when I restart the app it resumes the previous scan. In effect, an unbreakable loop.
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