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  1. That's why I never joined any social media forums - it's just a mind/opinion manipulator for some big players in the game. Bullsh*t artistry first degree!
  2. Okay, no status, no reply... I uninstalled Immunet since there is apparently a compatibility issue
  3. I am using the free version and as above the problem fixed itself for me - no idea why it got AMP involved
  4. I have seen similar issue, AMP eating CPU/disk resources, initially after converting to WinX - however the problem disappeared the next day after!
  5. Just updated to win10 but it tells me immunet's status is unavailable - however it seems to work as expected
  6. While a borked DNS setting/server can cause this issue very well.. I am using Google's DNS since ever and always seeing this problem after installation first time - to me it's a software flaw not doing the initial update properly or not doing the initial update at all.
  7. Update manually (update now) the first time and after that it should work as expected - I had the same problem
  8. I wonder which timezone is the update date/ timestamp? There is no TZ indicator and it's certainly not my local time coz my system is off at midnight.
  9. Thanks for the links - yes, this backdoor is pretty sophisticated malware and for me no more cCleaner ever.
  10. Have you got cCleaner malware v x.33 installed at some time? IF so this virus will slowly destroy your admin hence the problems you see (sound similar). Only solution is a clean install of the OS. Then install Immu as admin (right click) and all should be back to normal from both accounts.
  11. I recently (last week) did a clean 7-install due to the cCleaner malware and since then no more (status) stopped problems.
  12. The biggest issue is there is no visual indication the service is running or stopped... - it certainly would be helpful when the tray icon would change colour hence green for running and red for stopped. I wonder how many people do realise their AV does not work coz the service is stopped?!
  13. I have no problems with the 7 UAC but interesting which implications can hit software not specifically coded for it
  14. Hmm, I did some more tests: 1) The problem appears when the system has been powered off 2) Then manually starting the service shows me this attachment - looks like a problem with the signature or why is it asking me for permission to start Cisco? Note the Don't show me again box is not checked hence the repetitive auto start problem?! 3) Now I checked that box and after another sys pwr off/on the auto start seems to work now (at least for me) Hope it stays that way and maybe this helps others?
  15. Yep, this is exactly my problem too - after a system restart the AV needs to be manually started (win7)
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