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  1. I have the same issue on several machines. Informed Christine on 1 oktober, but haven't had any response about it? What i don't understand is, why new releases are not checked properly before being pushed?.... The previous version had issues with unwanted stopping the service with booting/restarting, now this issue has been fixed and the new release instantly has another bug.
  2. W10 gives notification about this via "action center", this is how i discovered it. But your comment is a good point. Besides whatever action from windows, immunet should warn as well. My suggestion would not be for the tray icon to change color, because i assume many users have hidden it, but a pop-up from the tray...can't miss that one.
  3. ​This seems like a serious bug. It happens on different occasions, with different results and different systems too. ​ Personally i did not experience this on W7, because i tried before i posted here. I assumed it had something to do with W10 and his boring updates. ​ I​ ​ ​
  4. Hello, After the latest upgrade to, i did start to get annoying messages that my AV is disabled at startup. If i look in the immunet application everything seemed to be fine, but when i look in services the immunet service is disabled. When i do a manual start the service is working fine again, but every restart the issue surfaces. Are more people experiencing this? System is W10pro x64.
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