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  1. . I'd LOVE to see ( from ANY program ): 1 - resizable windows ( we all have BIG screens now ) 2 - text report logs of each activity, dated and timed to they are unique and don't overwrite each other 3 - all lists searchable, sortable, selectable ( groups to be restored or deleted together in one action ), outputable to unique text report files 4 - quarantine simply adding .vir or .mal to the end of the original filename.ext or registry.reg dump in question 5 - options to restore, ignore once, ignore always, review and UNDO single actions, multiple actions, and entire scans ( restore EVERYTHING in quarantine ) 6 - NO dependence on external programs or external settings ( like security and script settings in Windows Internet Settings ) Thanks for considering these, even as user selectable options. __________ Using v6 2017-09 .
  2. . [ ritchie58 ] wrote "... check the file path / folder to see if these files still exist ..." Are you saying that items LISTED in Quarantine are ALSO or ACTUALLY STILL in their original "path / folder" locations, and we do NOT have to restore them from Quarantine in order to see them in their original "path / folder" locations? ... implying that items SHOWN in Quarantine are only SHOWN, not actually IN quarantine, and will only be removed from their original "path / folder" locations when we, the user, take some kind of additional action AFTER scanning? Thanks. __________ Using v6 2017-09 .
  3. . Seriously, this is STILL going on in v6 in 2017? And it's not innocent, it prevents access to the full "quarantine" listing, and it prevents access to the results page via "View By" preference. Is there a non-GUI non graphical user interface way to access these otherwise inaccessible features? Thanks. . .
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