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    I'd LOVE to see ( from ANY program ):


    1 - resizable windows ( we all have BIG screens now )


    2 - text report logs of each activity, dated and timed to they are unique and don't overwrite each other


    3 - all lists searchable, sortable, selectable ( groups to be restored or deleted together in one action ), outputable to unique text report files


    4 - quarantine simply adding .vir or .mal to the end of the original filename.ext or registry.reg dump in question


    5 - options to restore, ignore once, ignore always, review and UNDO single actions, multiple actions, and entire scans ( restore EVERYTHING in quarantine )


    6 - NO dependence on external programs or external settings ( like security and script settings in Windows Internet Settings )


    Thanks for considering these, even as user selectable options.



    Using v6 2017-09


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    ritchie58 ] wrote "... check the file path / folder to see if these files still exist ..."


    Are you saying that items LISTED in Quarantine are ALSO or ACTUALLY STILL in their original "path / folder" locations, and we do NOT have to restore them from Quarantine in order to see them in their original "path / folder" locations?


    ... implying that items SHOWN in Quarantine are only SHOWN, not actually IN quarantine, and will only be removed from their original "path / folder" locations when we, the user, take some kind of additional action AFTER scanning?





    Using v6 2017-09


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