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  1. Is there any chance for the taskbar icon to change color/behaviour when disabled/disconnected in this version? Please see the thread started way back in time: http://forum.immunet.com/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=login /W
  2. If Al is not avalible can some other emploey comment on this as this feature is needed. I have seen a couple of people now who disable Immunet when they are doing a big install just to save time, after they forget to enable Immunet as they don´t see any difference in the task bar icon. Same goes for if they do not have an internet connection, still looks like you are protected. Please turn it red as the icon on top left hand of this page. /W
  3. Al, any news regarding this? I still see no difference in the task bar icon if I turn off all protection or if I am offline. Peace /W
  4. Do you guys have a sibling now? http://www.immunos.net/ /W
  5. Ahh! Alfred to the rescue Exactly what the doctor ordered. Thx! Peace /W
  6. I am sorry Orlando but you do not get what I am asking. Anyone else who does? /W
  7. I guess I have to be clearer, do I have the same protection from the "cloud" engines as if I did install the free version with "clam engine" locally? Permanent internet connection. /W
  8. They are back with nastier malware then ever, I am sorry to report that Immunet is getting a beating. http://malwareresearchgroup.com/category/malwareproducttesting/ But Immunet is far from alone regarding the fails, I get scared when I see what kind of malware are circulating out there. Is there behavior analyses coming in the cloud soon? I see Emsisoft getting saved by there behavior blocker all the time, Mamutu. I would love to see something similar to this in Immunet. Keep the flag high guys! /W
  9. Hi guys! If I choose to install the free version without the Clam engine, will I still get the same protection if I am connected to internet at all times? /W
  10. Yea! I saw these videos and this shows that Immunet is on the right path. Maybe a congratz is in place? PC Tools!!! Maybe its time they take this product off the market? 0%!!!! CMON! /W PS! Please add the submit files (suspicious and false positives)via right click or GUI A.S.A.P please.
  11. Just remembered, while on the icon subject. Is it possible to add a "disable protection function" to the right click menu of the icon? /W
  12. Hi guys, If I remember correctly I think we had this discussion in the old forum regarding the little icon in the task bar. Wasn't the conclusion that when Immunet is disabled the icon should go RED? When installing massive updates in windows I always turn "monitor program install/start" off to save time with installations. Sooner or later i will forget to enable Immunet again if the icon looks like it is enabled when its not. Peace /W
  13. Al, I doubt that Sveta and Chris would make a mistake like that. I did comment the issue over at MRG and got this from Sveta: "BitDefender’s heuristics made the detection, not signatures. The infection on Immunet’s system was verified. Regards, Sveta" Just in case, you should contact them to sort it out as it would benefit Immunet if all settings are correct. /W
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