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  1. Hi, Hope you don't mind me jumping in on this agent.exe discussion as I'm having problems with agent.exe consuming huge amounts of CPU at the moment. Currently it's running at 50% but before that and before a forced reboot it was running at 98%. Needless to say my system is now constantly freezing. Am running XP SP3 and with KIS 2012 installed and am running the current version of Immunet Protect Have tried ending agent.exe and iptray.exe processes in the Task Manager but TM will not allow me to end the processes. Cheers, John
  2. Hi Rob, I think you are correct as I did have Immunet set on pause with Soluto during start-up. Since reversing this I have had no more messages telling me about failed drivers etc. So thanks for helping me solve my problem. Cheers, John
  3. Hi Andrias, No not at all. You have been much more detailed in your report than me, so hopefully we get an answer at some point. Cheers, John
  4. Hi Boombastik, Yes I will be raising the issue with Soluto also. Cheers, John
  5. Hi, About every other day when I boot up I get this "Immunet Self Protect Driver Failed to Load" message which then tells me to reboot. Rebooting is not an option for me because it takes so long to do so. I am also running Soluto to speed up my boot times and wonder if there is any link between the two, probably I should also be asking Soluto support the same question. Running XP Sp3, Immunet 3.0 free. An unrelated question while I'm on a role is, in previous versions of Immunet Protect I was getting constant pop ups (which I liked) from the system tray icon informing me of absolutely everything that was happening with my pc with regard to downloads and system changes etc. In this new version 3.0 I have not seen one single pop up. Is there something I have missed in my settings (I do have cloud & verbose notifications set to on), or in this version are things running much more silently in the background? Cheers, John
  6. Hi People, I to would also like to jump in and take this opportunity to expand my community, so feel free to PM me and of course I will reciprocate. Cheers, John
  7. Hi mOunds, It's a possibility, and to be honest I can't really remember what I did. But maybe after all this I may have actually loaded the plus version when I updated originally. I have just installed IP on the wife's pc and had the option of which version to d/l. I've got an issue with hers now where I registered her name, email address etc and when I try to login to it I get a message telling me that either the email address or the password is incorrect. When I try and retrieve the password using her email address I'm told there is an error and to contact IP......................... Cheers John
  8. Hi, Yes that is correct, when I first did the update I had access to the plus features automatically, and I remember reading elsewhere on this forum that this was one of the changes which had come through in this update and that all new users had the chance of trialling the plus features for a certain time. Who knows perhaps it has been disabled again? I did kind of think that one of the gurus might have jumped in here as I did think this was the support part of the forum. Cheers John
  9. Serpher, I think you misunderstand and I'm sorry if I have misled you. I am no longer disconnected any more since the 17/10. What problem I'm having now is that I don't have access to the plus features which we are supposed to be able to use on a trial basis. I did have this option before the uninstall/reinstall. Cheers John
  10. Serpher, Thanks for your ongoing replies. I have checked services.msc and Automatic is already selected. Cheers John
  11. Hi, I'm not sure where that setting is because I can't find it. Cheers John
  12. Yes it is weird, it has not missed a beat since I did my full scan. I'm running 2.0 16.38 and when I updated originally last week to this version I had the option of trying the plus features along with a product key. Now since the un & reinstall I don't have that option any-more or the key? Maybe one of the admins can shed some light on this problem. Cheers John
  13. I can't keep up with this, now it seems to be working properly again and I have managed a full scan surprise surprise. If it keeps running as it should now hopefully I can trial the plus settings somehow? Cheers John
  14. I have uninstalled & reinstalled to find that yes now I'm connected. Was able to manage one quick flash scan to find myself disconnected again. Also have found with this reinstall that I don't have access to the plus version for trial purposes. It would be handy if the icon in the system tray changed colour if it's disconnected. Just checked and agent.exe is running this time. What next? Cheers John
  15. OK, I ran services.msc as you suggested but could find nothing at all which mentioned Immunet Protect, unless it's hidden under some other name? Thanks for your ongoing help. Cheers John
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