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  1. Using Immunet I perform this morning a full scan. Now Immunet is still showing that my computer was never scanned. This morning Immunet detects that Acrobat Read was infected, ws put in quarantine, then be back after 2 hours...
  2. You are right, I either add the folder within ProgramData\Veeam and now it worked again in 2 minutes. I also remove Veeam Program from Exlusion and now only the the remaining entries: - Backup folder (where all backups are stored) - ProgramData\Veam This could be helpfull for other Immunet/Veeam users. Thanks Ritchie for your great help solving that issue. Greatings from Switzerland
  3. I also reinstall Immunet and add the following folders in my Exclusing list: - Veeam Programm - Full disk used for backups I restart the backup from 8:00 and now it took 8 minutes (instead of 2) but better as 42 minutes wihtout defining the backup folder within Exclusion list.
  4. Yes the Exclusion rule for Avast was already present. Not in the beginning but yesterday I add the Exclusion in order to see if could improve performance but this morning I receive more backups warning so I was obliged to remove it. Because it's a dedicated server for Backups, risks for contamination is very low (but of course not null).
  5. Last Incremental backup from yesterday was lasting 42 minutes, today within the same job it took only 2 minutes.
  6. I have installed one week ago Immunet (6.0.4) on a Veeam Server running on Windows 2008R2 (in addition with AVAST). Since then CPU usage was increasing and I received some connection failure) and backups were always lasting longer. I was obliged to remove Immunet despite I added an exclusing for all files from Veeam.
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