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  1. I'll be fine. I'm a programmer, I'm good at not mucking up code. I understand where you're coming from with that, but I'll be fine.
  2. Thank you for the detailed instructions. Please, may I ask, what will be the result? Will it let me install version 6.x or will this just stop the messages that I need to upgrade? Thank you.
  3. Running XP SP3, haven't had difficulties running Immunet since install some months ago but today spotted a quickly disappearing message on startup that Immunet version needed updating. Checked version, clicked "Fix it!" and it said it was starting download. A couple minutes later the box reported that the download had failed and it was trying again. This keeps happening indefinitely. No evident internet problem, I can download my email fine, etc. ------------ Beginning Download Download Failed. Retrying Checking for New Version Found New Version 6.0.4 Beginning Download etc. etc. etc. ------------ Uninstall/Reinstall?
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