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  1. Hi Sussed it myself, but thanks Although you download V.3 if you install a language other than English it install the V.2 This should be poined out on the downlaod page as it would dave time and hassle for ceratin Thanks
  2. Yes I sussed that out myself, maybe a warning would be nice, saying that 'attention this language version only installs xx version rather than the version 3 one, if using a non English version' Would have saved me a lot of time, Now I have a second problem I'm getting a yellow exclamation mark saying not updated and yet when I run the update It says I'm up to date, tried the beta fix tool to no avail, going to a do a complete unistall and try again, PS running 3.04.7241 version (full version as I have my key) Update : A total uninstall, deleting all files, and folders that were left behind and using Ccleaner and then reinstallings seems to have cleared up this problem Phew, what with this bug and the langaugae problem it took me several hours to get the program up and running correctly ....
  3. When I download from the above link it installs version 2.01731, so whats going wrong ? Fixed it myself, If you ask it to install the French language it installs old version, install english language version and all is OK How about a warning when installing given only Englsih for the version 3, would save a lot of problems
  4. I have downloaded the v. 3 but it installs the V2.0.17.31 and won't install the V 3, If I re downlaod the ver. 3 it just say that the version is insatlled but it runs the ver. 2 Why can I not install the latest version ? Windows 7, 64bit
  5. I see that 6 months further along and this problem has still not been solved Just re installed the latest pro version and is still the same Its a real shame Update, altough I have downloaded the v. 3 it installs the V2.0.17.31 and won't install the V 3, so I'm stck for the moment will post in forums to see why it won't install correctly Second Update : Bug in version 3, when installing French langauge version this only install version 2, installing English language installs correctly and the thunderbird bug now seems to have disapeared
  6. HI That was the problem, support have fixed this problem, thanks
  7. Hello I have just installed the latest beta version, 64bit as seeing that you may have resolved the Thunderbird problem I am willing to try it again I have added my licence number and even rebooted, The program is showing me License type : Free What have I missed ? Update : I try re adding my licence number and it says that it's is not valid, (bought oct 2010)The number is correct, so bug in latest version or ?
  8. Hi all so that I can post from Postbox or Thunderbird I had to create a Exclusion and the only way I can it to work is c:\Docs & settings\My name\Local Settings\Temp This is the same problem in version 2 or 3 Does this mean that all mail or other files that go 'thru' the Temp file are not protected and therefore my computer is in danger As this problem has been around for a long time now, can you say when this will be fixed, Thunderbird is a main player on the windows platform these days for e mail PS I'm running the full version many thanks
  9. I have just added the plus version to my second computer, windows7 64 version, I didn't need to add any exlusion to get e mails to work with Thunderbird : the other computer which I had to add the temp folder to the exclusion is a XP version Update : after rebooting the computer after the install the problem as on the XP is there, so had to exclude the temp file
  10. Just out of interest the little red icon is really quite bad, it look's like a cheap bit map image, it has bits of white around it, in comparison of all the other tray images, can we have a better looking image please
  11. Newbie question, Can I use ClamAV plus version on a windows 7, 64bit, running Microsoft Security Essentials already If it is possible is this useful, running both programs together thanks
  12. Hi all I'm new to ClamAV plus Straight away I noticed like Francois that the nsmail.tmp does not work, because of the nsmail-1.tmp or even nsmail-10.tmp naming, being created all the time. To get around this bug just add file/folder and the whole temp folder Probably not to wise but it will let Thunderbird work I have just updated to the latest version (this morning) but the bug has not gone yet, shame, Thunderbird is widely used these days
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