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  1. Windows 10 x64, latest updates. Immunet In Settings, Blocking Mode is disabled. All Quarantine Behavior is "Ask Me". Scan Archive Files is OFF. Despite these settings, Immunet instantly and silently deletes Process Hacker (processhacker-2.39-bin.zip) whenever I try to download it eg. from SourceForge or Major Geeks. I finally got it after adding my Downloads folder to Immunet exclusions. Subsequently, whenever I copied it from that folder, Immunet would again silently delete it in the destination folder. This is completely unexpected behavior, for several reasons, and a puzzle to figure out because of no messages. BTW, in Quarantine, when I select "Clean File History" on the dropdown, the Immunet GUI crashes. Immunet really needs an "Off switch", so it can easily be disabled for troubleshooting.
  2. Thanks, Richie. Immunet's "Blocking Mode" was the problem. With that disabled there are no more delays even with MBAM3's "Exploit Protection" enabled.
  3. Win 10 Pro x64, Immunet 6.6.106; and latest MBAM3-paid, no other A/V or anti-malware I have both Immunet and Malwarebytes Antimalware 3 (premium) installed. MBAM3 premium has an "Exploit Protection" module which can be turned on or off. 1) With Immunet, and with MBAM3 EP enabled, Chrome browser takes 1-3 minutes to load. 2) With no Immunet, and with MBAM3 EP enabled, Chrome loads in 1-2 seconds. 3) With Immunet, but with MBAM3 EP disabled, Chrome loads in 1-2 seconds. The delays are not limited to Chrome; MS Edge is also affected but not as much. I think other apps e.g. Thunderbird are slowed too. So - neither product seems to be 'at fault' but they are incompatible, and it would be very nice if Immunet and MB could get together and resolve this. That might help solve other obscure issues people are reporting too. I have also posted this in the Malwarebytes forum.
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