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  1. I recently attempted to install VirtualBox and Immunet went nuts and stopped the install cold in it's tracks. Any chance this is a false positive?
  2. This is getting very interesting. I did as you suggested and removed the History information. I then started Immunet and rescanned the downloaded ZIP file. The scanner popped back with a clean bill of health. But the on-access portion popped up and announced (again) W32.Crypt in inside the ZIP file and quarantined the zip file. I think I'll stay at version 1.18 for the time being.
  3. Interesting. I downloaded from that same link. I tested using the ZIP file from that link as well. My Immunet is the free version
  4. Hi, recently updated my keepass to version 1.19b on Windows-7 (64bit). Immunet barked at me and immediately quarantined the file keepass.exe claiming it was identified as W32.Crypt. I have checked the same file with Avast and it doesn't get excited. I also downloaded the 1.18 version of Keepass and it comes away with a clean bill of health. False Positive? Or should someone warn the good folks at Sourceforge/Keepass? Dan
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