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  1. I can confirm 6.0.8 seems to have fixed the issue. Thank you Immunet team!
  2. I should also mention that the only commonality between these two installs is that they have SEP small business edition also running. The link to your "System Diagnostic Tool (SDT)" seems to be broken. Attached please find sfc.exe.log Thanks, sfc.txt
  3. Hi, Just wanted to report a possible incompatibility defect after upgrading my Windows 10 Pro to the latest Fall Creators Update (Version:1709 Build:16299.19). After the upgrade, Immunet Windows service seems to be always stuck at "Starting" and "Scan Now" button is greyed out in the UI. I have replicated this issue on two of my installs at home, one running on bare metal and the other one running under Hyper-V. Some further observations: 1- I tried uninstalling Immunet, however, it fails with "Failed to stop Immunet service, cannot proceed with the uninstall" 2- I was able to uninstall in Safe mode (I chose "not planning to re-install" option to make sure all existing config is removed) 3- I re-installed the latest Immunet with a fresh downloader from the website, restarted Windows and observed that the problem is back. I am also surprised that the UI is not displaying any notifications for the failed service start. If I don't actually open the UI and see that the "Scan now" button is greyed out or actually go to service manager and see that the service is stuck, I would have never known that I am not getting the protection I thought I was getting. This can lead to a false sense of security as I am pretty sure background scans are not occurring right now either. Maybe a pop-up after a minute of inability to activate a service would be a good option? Please let me know if you require any further info. Thanks, Ali
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