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  1. Hi,


    Just wanted to report a possible incompatibility defect after upgrading my Windows 10 Pro to the latest Fall Creators Update (Version:1709 Build:16299.19).


    After the upgrade, Immunet Windows service seems to be always stuck at "Starting" and "Scan Now" button is greyed out in the UI. I have replicated this issue on two of my installs at home, one running on bare metal and the other one running under Hyper-V.


    Some further observations:

    1- I tried uninstalling Immunet, however, it fails with "Failed to stop Immunet service, cannot proceed with the uninstall"

    2- I was able to uninstall in Safe mode (I chose "not planning to re-install" option to make sure all existing config is removed)

    3- I re-installed the latest Immunet with a fresh downloader from the website, restarted Windows and observed that the problem is back.


    I am also surprised that the UI is not displaying any notifications for the failed service start. If I don't actually open the UI and see that the "Scan now" button is greyed out or actually go to service manager and see that the service is stuck, I would have never known that I am not getting the protection I thought I was getting. This can lead to a false sense of security as I am pretty sure background scans are not occurring right now either. Maybe a pop-up after a minute of inability to activate a service would be a good option?


    Please let me know if you require any further info.






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