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  1. Fixed on the latest version until eventually it comes back. Every version I've ever used has ended up at high CPU utilization for long periods of time (just for sitting idle on active scan, not doing any actual scans), 90% to the point I have to kill it. Debugging is not enabled (and I never enable it). The log file thing was just an older issue I was describing. I don't think I will go to any future version but I recommend that the false positive thing happens way too often. Do reach-out to major vendors like Microsoft & Adobe and see if they are willing to do testing on your newer versions before they get rolled out. I am sure they are just as keen to not have a 3rd party AV kill their users' installs as much as you. My conclusion is that I have spent a significant amount of time dealing with Immunet issues that actually getting a virus would take less time to deal with. It should be a set-it-and-forget it type of thing.
  2. Yet another false positive during a Photoshop update. Between the quarantines of Windows updates, the log files filling up drives until 0 space is left, extreme CPU hogging and latest updates always being crap (making me always wait months before updating as others work through the crap and fixes are released) it is not worth it any more. It may actually be easier to deal with viruses. Can anyone recommend a good free alternative for active scanning? I usually also keep Malwarebytes on my computer and it's always been good at catching malware, but I don't like using it for active scanning.
  3. My Photoshop gave a couple of errors regarding some component, did a search to find it was likely something malfunctioning in Creative Cloud. Went to launch it and it was stuck at 90% in the background doing an update. Couldn't seem to stop that so rebooted system and went to do an update - during the Creative Cloud Desktop download for re-install, at about the 30-40% download point Immunet AV alerted me of a quarantined file. This then caused the Creative Cloud download to error out. Clam.Win.Trojan.Agent-6439092-0 -- searched of which lead to nothing. Maybe consider putting a link that describes what it thinks the issue is? I used to like Immunet but after the Windows 10 debacle that took weeks to get an update on and the constant false positives that don't give me any certainty, I think I'm about to dump it for something else and just use Windows Defender + Malwarebytes in the meantime. For example I will be browsing web sites with Chrome and it will falsely alert me about some HTML virus detected that only affects IE 6-9. Oh really? You know what? I've had enough of Immunet. Uninstalling...
  4. I came across the same exact issue today. During Windows 10 update, I also received 3 notifications of quarantines (all false positives) tied to user32.dll for AMD (though I have an Intel system so I just removed the quarantined items before allowing Windows to finish updating) - I'm not sure if the quarantines were related to this issue, I sent Immunet support an email of those details. EDIT: I went into safe mode to uninstall fully. Re-installed. Install had no issues. But on restart, same stuck at "Starting...". Clearly there is an incompatibility with the latest Windows 10 Creators Update 1709. I will have to uninstall Immunet again in safe mode and turn on Windows Defender (not very useful). I have Malwarebytes running as well but need a reliable real-time scanning (Avast is no longer an option and AVG is a joke).
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