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  1. I finally got this installed - I had to turn Blocking Mode off in Immunet. It gave me 3 quarantine messages but appears to have installed properly... Not sure I did that right but I guess I'm up and working. Thanks.
  2. Got home and tried installing. Before I installed, I made sure Immunet was running with the last virus updates. When I went to install, it quarantined the file and prevented installation. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Thanks
  3. Thanks Rob - I was able to get reconnected, however I still couldn't install the application. I couldn't tell what happened, I didn't see a quarantine message - but I'm remotely connected (I'm not at home) so maybe that wouldn't come through. I'll have to try again Friday when I get home. Thanks! Bruce
  4. well... I rebooted and now Immunet says it's Disconnected (left status icon). I'll have to look into this closer tomorrow. I have to admit, I didn't notice if it was like that prior to my reboot or not. I assume it was fine prior because if I tried to update Immunet it would say I'm running the latest update, and now it doesn't.
  5. I had issues trying to install it tonight - quarantines during the installation process. I went to Immunet and told it to "fix it" and it says it's running the latest virus update. Did I do something wrong or does it just take a while to get that update pushed out? Thanks!
  6. Very cool, thanks! I will try installing and let you know if I have further issues. Thanks!
  7. Thanks - I found out I actually need the newer version of their software - here is a link. This one also creates a quarantine event when I try to install. Thanks!
  8. Cool- thanks for the update, I missed that thread. As long as I'm protected, I'm happy Thanks again!
  9. I tried submitting this via your website and both times got an error when I hit the submit button... This program is used to analyze recorded TV shows and process commercials. Download is available here: http://www.dragonglobal.biz/download/files/ShowAnalyzerSuiteInstaller.msi (it's only about 17MB). They have a posting on their forums that says that AV vendors are generating a false positive on it. I assume it's due to their registration key process? < edit: I get the quarantine false positive when I install >
  10. I've noticed mine says it hasn't updated since 4/10/11, but when I tell it to "fix it", it says "latest updates are already installed".
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