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  1. Obviously, the latter. It will be just "up to date" and will keep working without attempts to update the program and without the bothering toast messages. Immunet 6.x.x is still incompatible with Win XP.
  2. Muse, try this: Reboot in Safe Mode. (Alternatively, one may connect the HDD as a non-system disk to another PC.) Open C:\Program Files\Immunet folder. Make a copy of local.xml like local.sav (Not necessary though.) Right click on local.xml - Open with - WordPad Scroll down to the end of file, you will find there a section like this: <updater> <available> <version>6.0.6</version> <type>0</type> <location>https:...</location> </available> <lastupdatechecked>1509893396</lastupdatechecked> </updater> Delete all three lines between <available> and </available>. In the number 1509893396 replace the leading digit "1" by "9". The fragment should now read like this: <updater> <available> </available> <lastupdatechecked>9509893396</lastupdatechecked> </updater> Save changes (Ctrl-S). Reboot
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