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  1. Ditto... Immunet Windows 10 Pro [64 bit], version 1709, build 16299.19. When checking for updates, Fix It! responds with "Immunet is Up to Date", but Immunet still shows 18 Oct as last update. I'm unable to scan because the Scan Now button is ghosted. From the services desktop app, attempting to start, restart, resume, pause, or stop the service produces no visible response from computer. (These are all ghosted.) Windows Defender appears to be working OK, however. Unable to uninstall Immunet because the uninstaller says that it was unable to stop service. Had to go into Safe mode to complete the uninstallation. I did NOT try reinstalling due to other user comments above. As a contrast, on one of my other machines running Windows 10 Pro [64 bit], version 1607, build 14393.1770, Immunet appears to be functioning correctly.
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