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  1. Dear Immunet, I understand that the kinks are being worked out of the Immunet Antivirus System, and we are to wait. OK....This is fine with me.... Does Immunet have System Removal tools (generally speaking) for its products? If you do, where do we seek these tools?
  2. I've had the same problem with a "ghost" scanner after installing new Windows Build Creators Edition. I AM NOT AN IT GUY....Just to inform you all. I had used IOBIT UNINSTALLER to uninstall and it had stated a message that "All was removed...residual files also". FILES NOT REMOVED FROM COMPUTER. I had used the uninstaller.exe file in IMMMUNET Folder...unable to uninstall. I had even tried (desperate I admit) to wander into Registry Editor to delete the registries...PERMISSION DENIED. I had UNINSTALLED the Windows Build and returned to the previous build, I was able to UNINSTALL Immunet AV without fail. I HAD REINSTALLED Immunet on top of the new build and experienced the SAME Problem. I had reinstalled on the premise that during the WINDOWS Install, files were deleted. I can only suggest that a screen snip be taken of all IMMUNET files and folders before the BUILD is installed, and THEN compare with the folders afterwards. If any file has been removed, then I would be safe to say then it was removed by Windows Defender. So.......Sorry to say...I am at a loss........but as it is said More brains are better than one.
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