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  1. I've had the same problem with a "ghost" scanner after installing new Windows Build Creators Edition.


    I AM NOT AN IT GUY....Just to inform you all.


    I had used IOBIT UNINSTALLER to uninstall and it had stated a message that "All was removed...residual files also".   FILES NOT REMOVED FROM COMPUTER.


    I had used the uninstaller.exe file in IMMMUNET Folder...unable to uninstall.


    I had even tried (desperate I admit) to wander into Registry Editor to delete the registries...PERMISSION DENIED.


    I had UNINSTALLED the Windows Build and returned to the previous build, I was able to UNINSTALL Immunet AV without fail.


    I HAD REINSTALLED Immunet on top of the new build and experienced the SAME Problem. I had reinstalled on the premise that during the WINDOWS Install, files were deleted.


    I can only suggest that a screen snip be taken of all IMMUNET files and folders before the BUILD is installed, and THEN compare with the folders afterwards. If any file has been removed,  then I would be safe to say then it was removed by Windows Defender. 


    So.......Sorry to say...I am at a loss........but as it is said More brains are better than one.


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