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  1. A complete uninstall, reboot and reinstall seems to have corrected the problem. However, as an IT person I've helped a lot of friends and family install Immunet over the years - they are not going to be able to remove and reinstall the product. Part of the reason I chose it was the automatic notification of the update being needed and low maintenance for the end user of the machine. If I have to try and talk my Mother-in-Law through uninstalling and reinstalling....I may as well bite the bullet, make the multi-hour drive and do it myself, even with an overnight visit, that will be less aggravating than trying to get her into the control panel. UGH! So please, release an update ASAP!
  2. Ritchie - I've added the three products to the firewall allow rules - no change. Rebooted, the device, double checked to make sure the firewall rules were still in place - they were. The application keeps telling me I need to update and there's no update available.
  3. I am seeing a similar issue to the one described above. I've been running Immunet for several years, my wife updated her computer to 7.3.0 earlier tonight and it has said that she needs an updated ever since. When I updated my computer from 7.2.8 to 7.3.0 it is now doing the same thing. Click "Fix It" and get told that it is up to date.
  4. This is happening on my home systems as well, all running - 3 devices here.
  5. I'm heading down this path myself - literally I have disabled everything in my system, Immunet continues to run at better than 50% of my CPU with no open apps. I'm running an i7 7th gen at 2.7 with 16GB of RAM, 10 Pro 1803, Immunet version and my mouse will hesitate, then kick back in; my apps will seemingly hang, the device will become semi-unresponsive - but only when Immunet is running. This only started in late Feb or early March, I don't know what changes were made, but roll them back. I use and manage our Amp enterprise deployment at my office, we were told that Immunet was the free version of Amp and that the products were essentially identcal - minus the management features. I can only hope that my corporate environment doesn't begin to experience the issues that I'm having at home. Oh and I'm not running in debug mode, or anything odd for that matter.
  6. So today I finally had enough, I've removed Immunet from my system, I cannot deal with clicking on an application and having to wait 30 to 45 seconds for any kind of a response. I'm hopeful that a future version of Immunet will work properly, but right now I can't see using it. Personally I just wish that a version of AMP were available for use by home users of companies that own AMP licenses, I know that supposedly Immunet is that product - but clearly it is not.
  7. I installed 6.08 earlier today, since I installed it my CPU utlization has been over 90%, for the majority of the time AMP has been using at least 49%, if not more of the CPU. I'm running an i7-7500 @ 2.7GHz with 16GB of RAM on Windows 10 What do we have to do to get this under control?
  8. I have a friend running Immunet 6.06 on their windows 7 box, I just helped them install it recently, it states that it is "Not Updated" and to "Fix It" - yet when we click "Fix It" it says that it is up to date and stays yellow. They use a cellular hotspot for their internet connectivity due to living in the middle of nowhere. Thoughts?
  9. For the time being I've followed your advice and backed out Immunet, kind of bummed, using AMP at work and very happy with it there. Hopefully you get a fix for home users who want the same kind of protection fairly soon. Thanks!
  10. I've just installed Immunet, there are two issues - one minor, one fairly concerning. The minor issue is that the GUI is almost unreadable due to the resolution of my laptop screen - 3840x2160 - is there a way to increase the size, without affecting my screen resolution? The concerning issue is that since I installed Immunet it has been hogging my CPU, with usage at 75%+ since I installed it. I'm running Windows 10 Pro build 1703, I saw that there were issues with Windows 10 build 1709 and Immunet 6, are the issues more widespread? Thanks.
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