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  1. Can you please look at the file that i attached to this message, and tell me if theres any security threat to me or my computer please.
  2. Theres a problem, there is a file on my laptop (C:\windows\system32\DWSPY32.DLL that is being picked up by Emsisoft Mal-wareScanner and it is telling me the file labbled DWSPY32.DLL is a Trace.File.HackerWacker!A2. When I go to their site, it gives says the file is..."HackerWacker Software is a division of Streiff Information Services; a private software company based in Pittsburgh, PA - USA. At HackerWacker it make software that informs us of how other users are using and abusing our computer(s) through logging, screen captures, key stroke logging, url logging, email reporting and real-time network monitoring. All of its software allows us to try before you buy and features its web site features free software downloads. It have solutions for consumers, schools, colleges, businesses, libraries and Internet Cafes to help with monitoring kids, students, employees, the public and others. It also provides its software for self-help accountability groups.(http://www.emsisoft.com/en/malware/?Trace.File.HackerWacker!A2) and well thats all Emsisoft tells me. I have tried to removing this file with Emsisoft Scanner but the infection keeps coming back. I also searched DWSPY32.DLL and found that some antivirus can give false reading, and that the file is part of DesaWare's SpyWorks, which is legitimate programming tools. I would call this a false alert but the fact is I don't use or had installed any of spyworks programs. And also I just reformatted my laptop with windows 7 yesterday. Does any one know if this file is a real keylogger or is just some random file being picked up as a false alert? Can I send the file to some one that can like look at the coding and tell me if it is a threat or not?
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