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  1. I thought about that but I didn't want to add the temp folder as an exclusion. I still want the folder scanned incase a virus drops a file in there. Is there a way to change where clamwin stores it's temp files. If so then I can just exclude that folder.
  2. After upgrading from Clamwin ver 0.96.4 to version 0.97, Immunet ver upgraded from version now detects Clamwin temp files as a trojan. The temp files are located in c:\documents and settings\admin\local settings\temp. The files that end in *.clamtmp are detected as trojans I'm currently using Windows XP pro. Service pack 3. English. I have run the system diagnostic tool and sent the report to support@immunet.com
  3. Can you provide a link for submitting a ticket. I didn't see anything under support or contact us. thanks
  4. When I fist paired clamwin and Immunet together. Immunet did not have an AV engine in settings. I was using Immunet as a companion to clamwin to boost security. Immunet is marked as a companion software for any virus scan that you may have installed. I use both products because I image a large amount of computers and neither product causes problems doing imaging. If the solution is simply to turn on the embeded antivirus product in Immunet and remove claimwin then yes I can do that. I would just need to know if the embeded virus scanner will cause a problem after imaging. I have found that with many virus scanners you now have to make a change to their ini file before you can image the computer.
  5. Thanks for your reply. Your question got me thinking. so I posted a question on clamwin forum to make sure those where indeed their files. My cursory research did show that Clamwin does still use the temp directory. The problem seemed to have started when I upgrade my version of Immunet from to The older version does not have the AV scan engine as an option in setting and also reports no problems with Clamwin (free version).
  6. Immunet is displaying a false positive for my antivirus. I use ClamWin Antivirus and it downloads to my temp folder when it updates. Immunet sees it as a trojen. W32.invictus to be exact. I have gone to setting and told it that the *.clamtmp is okay and I have also input clamwin as a file exclusion. However, Immunet still quarantines the file
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