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  1. Hello! I just build and I want to sharing file batch scripting ClamAV Scanner determine to easier for using ClamAV. I build two script: 1. freshclam.bat 2. clamav-scanner.bat Okay, this is my script: 1. file freshclam.bat @ECHO OFF TITLE CLAMAV VIRUS SIGNATURE UPDATER cmd /c freshclam.exe -v ECHO ------------------------------ PAUSE 2. file clamav-scanner.bat @ECHO OFF TITLE CLAMAV ANTIVIRUS SCANNER SET /P scan=Please enter path to scan: IF "%scan%"=="" GOTO Error ECHO Scanning path: %scan% ECHO Please wait for a moment... cmd /c clamscan.exe -r -i "%scan%" --move=C:\ClamAV-x64\quarantine --log=logs.txt ECHO ---------------- GOTO End :Error ECHO You didn't enter path... :End PAUSE Look line 7, that's syntax for quarantine virus and create logs.txt file. Tips: Run as administrator if UAC (User Account Control) is enable Hope this help! Regards, m3rlin
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