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  1. Hi Ritchie (nod) Yes, I think I do have a well above average home network/PC security setup. In addition to those 3 products, I also use a top-rated router with some expert built-in security (https://www.checkpoint.com/products/700-security-appliances/), and I use the OpenDNS Prosumer Umbrella Roaming Client to protect/encrypt my DNS traffic. I also use a VPN at times, and run a few browser plugins for additional layers of security. Despite all that, I still feel a little vulnerable to falling victim to malware. Haha. I don't think I'm paranoid (insert joke here), I'm just fairly aware of the many online dangers, and that there are a lot of clever hackers out there that never sleep. Thanks for the info, and happy holidays and best wishes for 2018. Mark
  2. Howdy all I'm curious about this product, and if it would be wise/recommended, considering I already run these 3 products... 1. Norton Security 2. Malwarebytes Premium 3. HitmanPro.Alert Question 1: Would this product add something important that isn't already well covered by those 3 products? Question 2: Would the product even be compatible with those 3 products I run? Just musing about this, and hoping for some useful feedback. Mark
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