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  1. This is a Windows 7 Pro (x64) workstation with 6GB RAM. I will monitor the host for more low memory events and profile the running processes when I get a chance. There is a low probability that it is currently infected and it's typical light office use (browser, Word, Excel mostly). Will post back when I have more detail. Thanks.
  2. Windows successfully diagnosed a low virtual memory condition. The following programs consumed the most virtual memory: sfc.exe (7716) consumed 727183360 bytes seems high?
  3. I'm seeing a partial fix where now it says 108 million (and change) people protected, but it then says from 0 Threats.
  4. Despite running a flash scan yesterday and a full scan a few days ago the current status says Last Scan: Never Version OS:Windows 7 Home Premium SP1
  5. Checking back in, automatic updates working as expected, which is a good sign. 0 Stats behaviour still expressing itself however.
  6. Just chiming in, same thing going on here. Installed late yesterday, updated and got the 0 stats issue right away. Running a full scan right now. While I do egress filtering at the firewall, netstat output at least seems to indicate the HTTPS connections SFC makes are getting done: TCP CLOSE_WAIT [sfc.exe] TCP CLOSE_WAIT [sfc.exe] TCP CLOSE_WAIT [sfc.exe] TCP CLOSE_WAIT [sfc.exe] TCP ESTABLISHED [sfc.exe]
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