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  1. RobT, Thanks for the quick response. I tried running the diagnostic tool, but it would not work. Closed all unnecessary apps, tried running the tool again, rebooted, but it still would not run. I have attached a copy of the report. Pete Disagnotic Tool.pdf
  2. RobT, Followed your instructions and still a no-go. See attached. Pete rootkitscan.pdf
  3. Sweidre, Thanks for the reply. I agree that the protection factor should be increasing as the number of one's community grows. Does this mean that one's protection is decreasing or is it a flaw within Immunet? Pete
  4. Just wondering what would make one's protection factor decrease. Last month my protection level was 4025 and today it is 858. The only change that I am aware of is the the number of people protected, which has increased from 24 to 25 people. Pete
  5. Orlando, Not sure what issues and/or problems others may have encountered, but I have yet to run into any conflicts between CIS Premium 5.3 and Immunet (both free and paid versions). I followed the recommended instructions from Immunet and both products work together fine. http://support.immunet.com/tiki-read_article.php?articleId=7 Pete
  6. Jerry, I am using CIS Premium 5.3 with Immunent Plus 3.0 with no problems. Pete
  7. Installation was seamless; no problems at all. Keep up the good work! Pete
  8. Ritchie, I thought more folks would have chimed in also. It appears that many of the active forum members come from outside the of the CONUS--maybe that's the reason. Funny thing about the weather...I lived in Germany and Holland for over 13 years. I used to like the cold weather and the snow, but I have to say that as I got older, the less tolerance I had for them. One of the primary reasons I decided to call Southern California home is the weather. Right now it is in the high 70s and not a cloud in the sky--gotta love it. Just have to deal with the occasional earthquake--lol Pete P.S. The Steelers need to get something going in the second half if they want to this a game!
  9. Ritchie, Even though I live on the west coast, I have been a Steelters fan for over 25 years. Can't wait...should be a great game! Pete
  10. Millard, The default scan settings were set as you stated. I turned off deep scan and scan archives and will conduct a new scan and compare the results. Again, thanks for all your help. Pete
  11. I use ClearCloud and have not experienced any problems and/or any difference with my browsing speed. Pete
  12. Millard, Again thanks for your time. Could this bug also affect the time it take to conduct a "complete scan?" I am running Immunet on a 32-bit operating system, with a Celeron®Dual Core CPU, 1.8 GHz. It takes over 7 hours to conduct a complete scan.
  13. Millard, No worries. I appreciate the help. I have attached the log as requested. Pete agent.exe.log.zip
  14. Millard, Thanks for the quick reply. I tried to attach the file; however, it was too large (5.8MB). I have a 32-bit operating system and am running Window’s Vista Home Premium (service pack 2). The version for Immunet Protect is Pete
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