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  1. Thank you for the help! In case someone searches for this issue I'll layout what I did and what worked. I had already tried excluding the folder. That did not work. I tried excluding RBX*.temp that did not work. I even tried excluding .tmp and that did not work. I followed your suggestion to kill Immunet in the task manager... Even though I was running with an administrator account, when I tried to shut down Immunetprotect_6.0.8 from the services tab it gave me "Access Denied." I have never been able to shut down Immunet from within the task manager. I have always assumed that this a security issue where Immunet does not want just anyone or anything shutting down the service. Following that line of thought... This is what worked. I uninstalled Immunet. Installed Roblox. Then re-installed Imunnet. Took just a few minutes and did get the job done. Prior to Immunet I used to run ESET. ESET has a "Temporarily Shut Off Protection" button. I used to use that for installs that had issues. I looked all over Immunet for this. I even clicked off every selection in Immunet and still could not get the install to go through. For gamers, it would be nice to have a "Temporarily Shut Off Protection" button. Thank you for the help!!!
  2. More information One computer installed fine the 3 other computers are having the above issue. The computer that had a good install is running Immunet The 3 other computers that are having trouble are all running Immunet
  3. My kids play Roblox and I'm trying to install the new update. The *.tmp install files are being flagged. I can't figure out how to get around it and let the install continue. roblox.com This is the notice I receive: Threat Quarantined RBX-A9AFA437.tmp has been detected as W32.F38C6752B4-95.SBX.TG. Quarantine was successful. Then the installer locks in wait mode. The RBX-*.tmp are the temp files for the install. The name changes with each install. I tried allowing the *.tmp extension but that did not work (I removed tmp as an allowable extension after I tried it) I tried typing the file name in as an allowable, but the string changes with each attempt. I turned on Game Mode... trying anything. I've been working on it for three days Any advice?
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