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  1. Hi All, I'm new to this forum, so i hope i put this in the correct place, if not, just let me know I recently installed Immunet ( on my home server (running Win Server 2012 R2 fully updated) along side MSE. I immediately ran into some issues: - (solved) MSE was detecting the .tmp files from Immunet as threats, which after some searching on the forum seems to be a known issue and false positive (excluded the Immunet folder from/in MSE) - (being worked on) I also suffer from the "0 people protected from 0 threats" issue. And although i don't fully understand how this works/what this does, i believe that the ClamAV engine is still doing it's job? From searching the forum i also found that this is an issue that affects many others and is being investigated. - (ongoing problem) In the Protect Tray Client, every time a take a look at the History (no matter what i select in the "View By") and scroll down to the last line, the Protect Tray Client stops working/crashes. It's easy to reproduce as it happens every time... Someone who has the same issue and/or knows what is happening? Thanks Tom
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