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  1. i edited the link out, one because it went to a weird site. secondly, i can't fix your iTunes, you need to contact Apple for that. Are you saying you scanned your phone, with immunet? I am not understanding what happened-
  2. You can submit the files to us for review on immunet.com. If they are found to be malicious, we will write detection for them If you can provide the SHA's of the files, I can look at them quicker,- though not necessarily.
  3. Looks like this is a false positive, and we are fixing on our end
  4. Working on updating all the FAQs as well
  5. this is an FP and we are working on fixing it
  6. Someone else reported issues with Immunet detecting on browsers (FPs) though, this still might not be the case. Are they ALL Clam.Txt.Trojan.Kryptik-6887991-0 detection's?
  7. Can you provide what is triggering or what notification pops up? Like, what signature or message is firing so I can look into it?
  8. Thanks, I will work on getting the information updated.
  9. What issue are you having?
  10. Google Tag Manager is a tag management system created by Google to manage JavaScript and HTML tags used for tracking and analytics on websites
  11. Let me know if you see any additional issues.
  12. Wookiee


    if you were to scan just the file again, does it quarantine ?
  13. i wouldn't assume this to cause an issue, but I can look into it. What version of Windows? When testing with the latest version of Immunet, I am not having a problem. Maybe something else could be blocking? Or not a solid enough connection
  14. Are you using the internet from your phone to connect to the internet with the laptop? I assume you couldn't google when immunet was installed but you did afterwards?
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