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  1. Sorry for such a late response, it's still trying to fix the issue for you !
  2. CLAMAV Sig issue is fixed. Though, that shouldn't of caused the services to start / stop. that could be something completely unrelated. Either way- hit the update button, and see if that fixes anything- or doesn't.
  3. Signature should be fixed. Use the update button and see if it gets better
  4. It should be fixed now, you will want to update your signature set. It was a ClamAV signature that caused the issue.
  5. Submit a FP report on immunet.com so the sig writers can look at it
  6. Wookiee


    Yes, we are working on refreshing the UI in the future. Hopefully sooner, than later. We have been getting a lot of reports on people not liking the UI.
  7. i will begin reviewing the support file, thanks !
  8. Wookiee


    I don't understand what you are asking
  9. Let me know if that changes. Right now, on win 10 pro (on my box)- I scanned, and scan history is intact thus far...but it's only been about 6 hours. So, I will see if it holds longer or not
  10. I will pass the notes along to the devs for future features to see what they can do ! Thank you for using our product
  11. Known issue, I can reproduce it and the dev's are aware of it as well. Thank you for reporting this to us.
  12. You could use ClamAV for Windows, which is still opensourced. I've not been with the project long enough to know of the complaints for years on logging. For me , I was not aware people cared about this until this thread. I do think the product SHOULD be more user-friendly- I am working with the dev team to make that possible in the future.
  13. What OS are you on? I'll see if I can reproduce it
  14. Immunet is a free product, and with it being free- having it 'tested' against other products is costly. Though, Immunet does also use the ClamAV engine, so we detect everything ClamAV detects, plus have our own set for detection. On top of that, If anyone notices any false positives or anything of the sort- report it and we will be as quick as possible to fix. Other products that are not 'free' are externally tested and ranked.
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