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  1. Hey Richie, I can look into it- though- I am not sure off the top of my head. a lot of changes happened. Nothing has been deleted from the upgrade. (unless it was spam, or whatever), at least that I am aware of. Though, the number might differ from articles vs posts.
  2. Hey everybody ! As you might be able to tell, we have upgraded the forums a little bit. We were informed of an issue with the reCAPTCHA, and decided to upgrade a bunch of stuff. IF you have any issues with the upgrade, or anything regarding the site, let me know by responding to this post and I will try to address it as quickly as possible. Please save this for the site only, if you have Immunet issues, post in the normal sections of the forum. We apologize for any inconvenience the upgrade, or downtime took. We appreciate your patience. Other announcements: We are no longer going to be accepting emails from the Immunet Support mailer (support@immunet.com). All SUPPORT related help will be on the forums which we will continue to assist, monitor and troubleshoot. Thank you, Tom McCourt
  3. The dev team are still working on a fix, and will release it when available
  4. I will pass it on to the dev team to see if they can't pull from system time /timezone. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. technically 2016 is not supported because it hasn't been officially tested for 6.0.8 (though it will probably be supported in the next version, i'll have to check on that). I messaged the user to run some powershell commands, to see what happens- so I can SEE if I can get it up and running. Though, it might be useful to try on another OS as well.
  6. interesting, run the support file I messaged the instructions for you. so I can figure out why and what is going on
  7. Hey, I am going to message you to send us a debug of the software. Do you by chance have any other anti-virus software installed? If so, you might need to whitelist the path for immunet as something could be flagging it. Other than that, are you going through a proxy or anything like that ? When you try to start the service, do you notice heavy load on the CPU or memory ?
  8. Open the windows Task Manager. Depending on which OS, you will either have to check or click on the "Show Processes from all users" button. Then order by Image name or Process name and look for agent.exe. If you see this in the list your agent is running. If not, you should reboot your machine
  9. This scam has been going on for years, and I assume will continue because people keep falling for it. The same with the IRS calling you, claiming you owe a ton of money blah blah blah. The IRS doesn't call people. They send a scary notice in the mail.
  10. Wookiee

    Creppy Design

    Hey everyone! Yes, more can be done with the overall design, and I can bring it up to the rest of the developers for a potential future release. @lucasLKs, you must know I am a sucker for anything dark themed because I dislike bright, bright colors in software. I actually really dig the design, though- I would probably tweak somethings. personally- interfaces are important for people to understand and use, and command-line only is more outdated than anything ( depending on who's actually using it, skill level, etc). I am simply saying, you all ARE being heard, and I will bring it up to the rest of the team.
  11. How much space do you have available for that VM? Any high disk space usage alerts or anything like that ?
  12. I am going to send you a message on how to send me a support file, so I can debug and see what might be happening.
  13. Hello, Do you have another anti-virus software on that box? Did you reboot after the install? After the install, did you hit the "update now' button ? Do you use a proxy or anything of that sort?
  14. This is strange, is this all on one specific operating system? (Windows 2018 R2?) or is it various operating systems? Have you rebooted any of these machines to see if it "auto starts" the scheduled scan again? The date and time is set correctly on the machine(s)?
  15. This sounds like maybe the service wasn't stopped before the upgrade? I am not 100 percent sure, but I would uninstall it completely. Then just install the new version.
  16. Immunet should update automatically, though- ClamAV (an engine that works with immunet ) signatures had an issue which was addressed yesterday by the ClamAV team. So, in the next few hours, a new signature set should populate and be pulled down for Immunet
  17. I am not sure what options you may have enabled already, but there is a "notification" section in the settings, where you could disable some of the verbose notifications (if they are enabled).
  18. The tmp file, should be quarantined files / malware / etc. that was found. If you upload the file to virus total, you will see other kinds of detection flagging it as well (most likely). Immunet should quarantine based on suspicious files or malicious files.
  19. Did you send the message to Richie directly? I'll try and look into it for you.
  20. Hey John, I am new to the immunet team, and though- I am still learning how everything works, maybe I can provide some help. It is never good to see a customer unhappy, and I want to be able to fix the issues you are having. If you can create a report and send it to me- I can try and resolve any issues that I can see. I know things aren't ideal at the moment, but we are working to get everything resolved and fixed. Again, I am sorry with the issues you are having and we will work hard to make sure this doesn't happen again moving forward. Thank you, Tom McCourt
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