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  1. Can you provide what is triggering or what notification pops up? Like, what signature or message is firing so I can look into it?
  2. Thanks, I will work on getting the information updated.
  3. What issue are you having?
  4. Google Tag Manager is a tag management system created by Google to manage JavaScript and HTML tags used for tracking and analytics on websites
  5. Let me know if you see any additional issues.
  6. Wookiee


    if you were to scan just the file again, does it quarantine ?
  7. i wouldn't assume this to cause an issue, but I can look into it. What version of Windows? When testing with the latest version of Immunet, I am not having a problem. Maybe something else could be blocking? Or not a solid enough connection
  8. Are you using the internet from your phone to connect to the internet with the laptop? I assume you couldn't google when immunet was installed but you did afterwards?
  9. That error shouldn't be caused by Immunet. Are you using DHCP? Did you google from the same laptop? Can you screenshot the error message? ( did the error show in immunet, or windows?) Immunet needs a constant network connection for protection. It sounds like your wifi IP was misconfigured and or needed some kind of release renew. What operating system are you on?
  10. We track number of downloads, it's been in place since before I started with google analytics
  11. Made the change this morning, it should now work for everyone.
  12. You can even submit steam.exe to immunet.com false positive sections for the signature to be corrected. i am still trying to reproduce it though. I will setup a windows 8 box and try it as well.
  13. also, in your settings...do you have "blocking" enabled or disabled?
  14. so, a FRESH install of steam - doesn't get flagged (at least on win 10) What version of steam were you on when you were doing the update? @gcfx1979
  15. sounds like a FP. I am wondering if a specific game flagged or the client itself. I will see about the client to see if this happens for me. If anyone else see's this, let me know. I will try to fix it ASAP
  16. Interesting, do you see any error messages or anything? Can you turn on debugging with Immunet, try to open anything from the office Suite, and then turn debugging off- Send me the log it creates? Do you see anything saying "blocked" process or anything of that sort? @Jack Be Quick
  17. can you turn debugging on for immunet in the settings, and try to launch a scan. After that, turn debugging off- and send me the file
  18. Hey Bill, By chance, do you have MULTIPLE rdp sessions into that box? active when you try to reboot? I am curious if that might be causing the issue?
  19. by chance, can you turn Immunet into debug mode, and reboot and send me the logs ?
  20. what issues are you experiencing? are you on wireless? hardwired? Proxy? All games, or certain games? Modems can react badly to electricity fluctuations as well causing lag etc. for example, I live in a super old house and I actually have to use a voltage regulator so my modem doesn't freak out, (without the regulator gaming is terrible). Though, this might not be your issue- it could simply be ISP related, bad line, etc. If you are dropping connection COMPLETELY could even be firmware (if it drops for 1-2 minutes and reconnects, if hardwired in).
  21. Wookiee

    Creppy Design

    What kind of features would you like to see? The GUI, we know needs updating and we will do that. We have recently (with the latest version) setup a NEW cloud env, which is why we are decommissioning the old March 4th. I will agree, we have done a TON of backend changes recently which the user doesn't necessarily see. The last versions added support for other operating systems (server 2019 RTM, etc). We have also been focused recently on performance enhancements so that Immunet doesn't take up as much resources when using the product (which was a complaint we received). We have added Malicious Activity Protection engine for detecting ransomware and system process protection as well. But I do promise, everyone's voices and thoughts are being heard and we will continue to add value into the product with new features moving forward. If there is something you would like to see, message me and we can discuss it.
  22. as of right now, I cannot re-produce this error at all. Though, it could be because I am using an older windows defender (I am upgrading the version right now) I've made sure that SecurityCenter is running- googling shows a ton of people having issues with any anti-virus product installed along side windows defender though, which is what @chaozz said. It could very well be Windows SecurityCenter not playing nice. Though, I will still try and get this to error for me.
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