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  1. it looks like you are using clamav, not immunet. ClamAV gives you the ability to run commands- immunet does not. As far as multi-threaded scans in ClamAV, you could just do a clamd scan with multithreaded- should work
  2. Wookiee


    It requires an active internet connection
  3. if you have a second anti-virus, just exclude them from eachother so it doesn't cause any issues and you should be fine.
  4. Cisco did take over this project and we are working on improving everything (the software, the forums etc). Glad you like it !
  5. Windows XP isn't even supported by Windows...
  6. Immunet is undergoing major changes. For a long time, the AMP infrastructure and Immunet infrastructure have been the same. But, we are changing that now to separate the customers of AMP and Immunet into their own cloud infrastructures. As of right now, any Immunet user who is not on version 6.2.0 is on the old infrastructure and will need to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible. We plan on decommissioning the old infrastructure (that means any versions prior to 6.2.0) on Feb. 4, 2019. What does this mean? This means that all users who aren’t already, need to be on version 6.2.0. If you are on 6.2.0 now, you will not see any changes and do not need to worry. If you are on the older version, you need to upgrade immediately. If you do not upgrade before Feb. 4, you may experience service interruptions and may not be able to upgrade Immunet or receive protection. What happens if you do not upgrade before the decommission? You will need to uninstall and reinstall the software once the old infrastructure is decommissioned. We urge everyone on a version prior to 6.2.0 to upgrade Immediately. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via the support forums or posting below.
  7. what is the bios name? or what is the character that is in the bios name?
  8. Also, you saved the bios once you removed the character in the name? safe mode with networking would be best to try and install it with, (with full admin rights) IF you did make the name change, are you getting the same error ?
  9. What is your Immunet version? It should look like this: The copy fail should be fixed in the later versions of Immunet. Though, sometimes it happens because it is not handling a odd character in the BIOs name such as a tilde key, or something similar. You could attempt to boot into safemode and try that, but if it is the bios name triggering the copyfail, then that wouldn't work without a bios change.
  10. i will put a feature request in then.
  11. Not at the moment, I can put a feature request in to the developers to see if they can't have a whitelist with anything that starts with "UTW" or whatever you want (wildcard characters) , and such. Is there anyway in the software to have the local/TEMP files be created in another location? If so, point it to a generic folder that you create, and then whitelist that folder so it wouldn't matter the name changes
  12. If you just exclude the exe file or application path on the share, it should work without crashing while being able to access the other files. unless it is creating temp files, that it needs each time the application is launched - where knowing the exact file name could be difficult.
  13. Any version 6.2.0 and greater should have 64 bit support
  14. Yeah, Rich is correct- Immunet doesn't out-source or do anything like that.
  15. Wookiee

    Copyable Text

    I'll pass that along to the development team and see if we can't add this feature
  16. Immunet shouldn't lock out a file unless it is quarantined. IF it is not in the quarantined list, then it's most likely not Immunet but we can check a few settings as well. This thread might have the solution to your issue: Can you show a screenshot of what you are seeing? What kind of file? Any other anti-virus softwares on this machine? Any messages or popups when trying to access the file?
  17. Really depends on what is on the boxes etc. The design does have an 'old' feeling to it, and we (development team) have talked many times of redesigning it in the future. I would say, do a fullscan first and if you want to exclude file paths or certain files...add the exclusions in the settings option.
  18. You can use it as a 'main source' AV. Some people use two AV's to feel protected. But Immunet works just fine. Any issues that do come up, report them to me and I can look into it and or fix it for you!
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