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  1. Disable the ClamAV engine for now- if not, it shouldn't make that much of a difference. To really fix it, a patch / new release will have to take place.
  2. Are you using a proxy for any of the VMs? Does this happen on only ONE vm (the crash)? See if you can get to the settings, and turn on debugging, and then make it crash again. After that generate a support debug and send it to me. Generate a support package for this issue. To do this, go to start menu, immunet folder, support diagnostic tool. This will generate a .7z file on your desktop that contains some helpful logs that we can hopefully use to get more information on your issue.
  3. We are aware of the issue and should be releasing a fix 'soon'
  4. Do these vm's have access to the internet? Below MIGHT provide useful:
  5. What language is your operating system? Do you notice any other text missing from the UI?
  6. Do you see an agent.exe process running? Is something blocking it (another program by chance? )
  7. I will talk to the dev's about this issue. (it's the first I have heard of it) But I am sure they have been made aware, either way- I created a bug ticket for it and will do some testing etc.
  8. What language is your operating system? Is it anything other than English ? Does the main UI for immunet look weird as well? Does it look like:
  9. Does this happen on every scan? If you hit the 'arrow' does it show anything on the other notification ?
  10. Interesting...This is the first time i've seen this...ever... Have you done a reboot or tried a reinstall ?
  11. Do you have enough space for the update? Internet connection is on? Not going through a proxy? Can you send me a support file with debugging enabled, and try to update again. i'll message you the details
  12. Sent you instructions via private message, did that work for you?
  13. Hey! Do you have admin access on that PC? Internet connection? Enough space on the hard drive? Try to do the update in 'safe mode with networking' and see if that corrects the issue.
  14. You can run Immunet next to OTHER software suites. Just make sure you add an exception in the Immunet options for the other software.
  15. ClamWin is third party technically. They take clamav and package it up with a UI and edit the package to whatever they like. ClamAV is from source, and though- is harder to install, doesn't run that high on CPU it is possible ClamWin is going off an OLD version of clamav, when it had CPU issues- I wouldn't know.
  16. Clamav gives you more freedom, for scripting etc. Immunet collects stats and sends them to a cloud to enhance better detection. Immunet can ALSO use the ClamAV engine. ClamAV is command-line only. Immunet is not.
  17. If that doesn't work, can you send me the install log: Send the %temp%\immpro_install.log via a message to me
  18. Also, on the Can you hit "show details" and let me see what else it says.
  19. Wookiee

    Creppy Design

    I have passed everything on to the development team and showed them the colors used by @LucasLks Which, they liked. We don't have an ETA or anything of the sort but we are in the talks of updating the UI
  20. Can you disable Windows Firewall and then try to install again? Are you running the install as an administrator? Do you see an 'agent.exe' running in task manager? (If so, end process THEN do the install)
  21. The Specs are more than good, the only thing that it doesn't show me is the C drive space, you have enough space on the hard drive? Have you attempted to install in safemode to see if that works?
  22. With the newest release that is coming soon, it should protect 64bit processes
  23. You cannot upgrade clamav within Immunet, though- Immunet will be coming out with a new version "soon" which will have the latest changes to clamav.
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