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  1. So, it looks like the signatures- mentioned in that screenshot have been dropped out of the signature set since Friday evening- can you do a new update and then re-scan?
  2. The signature writers are working on it.
  3. Aris, Understood, I will let that team know to be on the lookout for it. Can you send some screenshots, of the alerts for the FP in question or anything of the sort, so I can tell them exactly what to look for, and or the exact signature names? If not, the screenshot should be good enough for them to know exactly where the issue is and how to fix.
  4. Can you tell me more about it? And submit the FP via the website?It's probably a signature that need's fixing.
  5. Hey, Can you post your system specs? Are you installing on a default drive? External drive anything like that? The only real reason the copy would fail is if it runs out of space, or cpu / memory is really high and it can't copy over. Do you have any previous versions of Immunet in the past?
  6. Hey Art, Do you have any software that could "scan" the software package (before install) that would tamper with the file? Can you send me a screenshot of the exact error that pops up?
  7. Hello! What do you mean a network version? We have a business version available- It's called AMP. AMP does a lot more than what Immunet does, as Immunet is for consumer's and not business. https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/security/advanced-malware-protection/index.html Let me know, if you have anymore questions.
  8. Again, I am trying to Fix and understand the issue. I cannot reproduce the issue as per you described. I am not saying that it is user error, I am just trying to re-create the issue so I can understand it better. We will need debug enabled, and a support generated file- to troubleshoot.
  9. The scan completed, and the DID update, just not to the correct time... I'll submit a bug for this.
  10. Now, the full scan DID launch (run) and I am waiting for it to finish to see If the "last scan" time stamp does indeed adjust.
  11. Keep in mind, Flash scans (if that is what you are doing)- Flash Scan - Scans registry and system process that are in memory to determine which files to scan on disk. If you don't have anything in memory process wise, it will look like it doesn't scan. I DO see that the "last scan" date DOES NOT reflect a flash scan (i'll ask dev as to why this is, and or to fix it). Though, I am testing FULL scheduled scans to make sure that A) it is updating the time stamp for "last scan" and B ) doing a full scan.
  12. Every software has bugs, the point of reporting these issues is so that we can fix them. Immunet bugs go through ME now, I have only been on this project for a short time. I am trying to FIX any and all problems reported. Though, this will obviously take time to find WHY something is not working right. Now, if you want to enable debugging, and wait for the scheduled scan to not kick off again- then generate a support dump, and send it in- I can look at fixing it.
  13. You know, just a few years ago...I saw a windows ME in the wild used for transactions at some company, I visited. I wasn't too happy lol
  14. It should only affect users during the migration, but since we will be discontinuing some OLDER connection types for the look ups, previous versions of Immunet might never return to normal functioning for the lookups, they would need to upgrade. Should not affect ClamAV updates.
  15. Hey everyone! We will be upgrading the server OS and Cloud server version(s). This can result in cloud lookup modes to be deprecated and or cause issues. IF you have ANY issues at all, please upgrade to 6.* versions of Immunet. Right now, the plan is for July 31st for the update. I will update this post if that changes.
  16. I'll have to mess with Privoxy. Thanks John!
  17. I checked on Win 7 and 10. having no issues as long as the system clock is set. Though, if the computer is asleep, the scheduled scans will NOT run also. Was the machine possibly asleep, when the scan should of kicked off ?
  18. Hey, I don't know any black magic, chants or spells- but there are a few things to check. Is your system date / time correct? Has this ever worked for you? I 100 percent agree, that the only work arounds that should be given are to temporarily fix an issue, before a patch comes out to actually remediate the problem. Since I am newer on the Immunet team, I will address all of your concerns. I apologize for this, as I wasn't aware this was still a problem for some folks, as this post was older and before I started. No excuses though, I will run some tests on my end and see if I can't fix it in a timely fashion. I might PM you a few questions on the box, if I can't easily replicate the issue.
  19. This was fixed with the signature.
  20. I would mark an exception in the settings for immunet for now, and I will see about finding out why Immunet is detecting this file as bad. When the exception is made, try to do the windows update again.
  21. I don't know how large the file is, but you can attempt to send that too me also. Though, to pull a file hash- you will want to run powershell and run: Get-Filehash PATH_TO_FILE sha256 More information: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/microsoft.powershell.utility/get-filehash?view=powershell-6
  22. Can you all send me the hash of the file in a message? I'll check it out
  23. Oh, we had a storm too! I did enjoy some suds myself I am sorry to hear about the tv, that would make me incredibly sad.
  24. Fireworks were fun, smoked a brisket and relaxed.
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