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  1. Thanks for the information, understood! ;D
  2. Here goes, make ClamAV and Tetra(for paid) be cloud engines, and there will be an option to store signatures offline if the user wants to. This will make Immunet a true companion AV. Protection of ClamAV for free users that is compatible with other AV's to enhance protection, and paid users can even run it with other AV's.
  3. Never mind, I was able to get the offline installer for But you really should check your latest installer
  4. BTW, clicking Update Now shows that I have the latest version.
  5. Hello, I'm having some issues. I installed Immunet Protect before this release and the version I've got is So to install this version I uninstalled it, downloaded the new installer, and installed it again. The version is still Could you check your servers?
  6. Thanks for looking into this Francis. Hope you will be able to solve the problem. Although it's possible it's a GUI bug only. (because it detects eicar even if it says 0). It might still scare people that they are not protected though.
  7. OS: Windows 7 x64 Immunet version Bug: Number of threats protected (in the Bottom of the word "Community" is 0. The number of people protected is correct) Bug is happening after I hibernate. That means that booting my laptop from a normal shutdown, the number of threats is stated correct. If I booted from a hibernation state, the number of threats is zero. I don't know if it's correct or not). Second bug (not related to the first one): I turned of all the engine and eicar is still detected.
  8. Well if you found any free time, maybe you could try to install the stable version offered through this site?With the downloader, not the offline installer. I would really appreciate it. BTW, any devs that reply to you? PIC: More pic: EDIT: BTW, I did not use the beta installer, I used the stable one.
  9. Thanks, BTW, what is the latest version of Immunet? Mine says 3.0.6. I thought it's in beta?
  10. When Blocking Mode is turned on: In Firefox, when I download a file, Firefox will freeze. Doesn't happen with Internet Explorer. EDIT: The freezing will only happen if I click save as soon as the download box appears. (I assume it is when I click save while Immunet is checking the file (.part) during the start of the download)
  11. I suggest that you have a test file to see/check if a user is connected to the cloud. Similar to Panda's test file -http://research.pandasecurity.com/panda-cloud-test-file/ Or is eicar enough? I have the offline engine turned off as I'm only interested in the cloud engine. Is eicar enough to test if a user is connected to the cloud?
  12. What does this setting mean? The other one was for the files right? Also, where can I find the Privacy Policy?
  13. When Immunet is not connected into the cloud: Current behavior: Nothing (no warning) Suggested behavior: Make the icon red and have a message, similar to when Immunet starts up, saying a warning no internet connection or something like that.
  14. Is the clam engine cloud or local? I've seen in the comparison page of Free vs Plus that Free version has no offline protection, which leads me into thinking that Clam is cloud (much better if it's really cloud) rather than local.
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