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  1. I'm running Immunet v6.0.8.16038 on Win 2012R2. On the main Immunet screen is a heading that says "Last Updated." The date/time shown here appears to be UTC time, not the system's selected localization time. For example, when I updated at 5:02 PM CDT today, last updated showed that I did this at 10:02 PM. CDT is UTC - 5. I can see the advantage of running equipment on UTC time, especially in an environment that has equipment in several time zones. However, if I was doing that, I would have my computer's localization set to UTC also. So, Immunet should pick up the localization time zone and display accordingly or, at least, have an option to choose which time to display.
  2. I made NO changes to the VM, Hyper-V, or the Windows 10 host. Also, this VM had been rebooted several times over the past couple of weeks since installing Immunet. However, today Immunet is seeing the update server. So, I don't have any idea what the problem was.
  3. I've installed Immunet on a 2012R2 server. The server is a new install VM used as a test bed. I was wanting to test Immunet before using it. If I click "Update Now" on the main page, the dialog box that pops up will get new definitions, but the first message it lists is "Could not connect to the update server (error 0), please try again. If the problem persists, please contact Immunet Support." The version of Immunet is The VM has been rebooted and this has continued for a couple of weeks.
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