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  1. Sweidre. Thanks very much. I think the issue is solved - if the Avira firewall is set on "High" is seems to prevent Immunet from working (I had Immunet Agent.exe on the whitelist but this didn't seem to make any difference). If I change the Avira firewall security level down to "Medium" everything seems to work fine. Perhaps a bug with Avira? Thanks again for your help, Sweidre. Steve
  2. Update - disabling Avira firewall seems to allow Immunet to work (although both Agent.exe and Iptray.exe were authorised)
  3. Hi Sweidre, and thanks for your message. Yes, Immunet 3 is running (in "MS management console" status = Atarted and Start Method = Automatic as you said). A restart doesn't seem to have fixed it. Steve.
  4. I have just installed version on Windows Vista SP2. When clicking on "Scan now", Immunet responds "Immunet 3.0 cannot connect to the internet. Please ensure your computer is connected to the interest and retry". Agent.exe and iptray.exe are both authorised by my firewall (Avira Premium Security Suite 10 v10.0.0.621 with firewall v10.01.20.06). Immunet seems to be able to connect to internet when clicking "Update Now" and responds that it is up to date, and is listed by the firewall as having an active connection. Any help gratefully appeciated. Steve
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