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  1. I also noticed when I start the service - it looks like its working but if you go into the properties it shows stopped. https://ibb.co/ifPUHH https://ibb.co/dTQVPx
  2. Yup - installed it as admin and even right clicked on the file and said run as admin.
  3. Brand new install on Server 2008 R2. Wanted to see what this software was like. Tried to do a Full Scan but it said the services were not on. Went to services and saw that even though it was set to automatic start they were not started. Tried starting the service and it said it started, all looked good but then when you click off the service and go back to it, it shows that it was stopped again and when you try to start it a second time it says that the service cannot be started for a local account. So not sure what to do to be able to give this a try. Should I change the user account for the service to see if it will do the trick? Thanks.
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