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  1. Hi thanks for the reply. I have uploaded the file as requested. I am running Win 10 on an Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM laptop. It is largely a default setup of Immunet with blocking enabled and a few additional exclusions, e.g. had to exclude certain Outlook files as it was killing Outlook operation also. Issue happens randomly throughout the day and cannot be attributed to a certain event or time at this point. Flash scans happen daily and full scan once a week. Let me know if you need anything else?
  2. Hi I am running Immunet 6.0.8 and unfortunately it is now constantly crippling my machine due to high CPU, and causing excessive latency that completely impacts network operation. I have created the Support ZIP file using the tool but i cannot upload here as instructed as it is too big (23Mb). This has been getting consistently worse over the last few weeks and I have had to disable Immunet today as my machine has become completely unusable. Please advise? Thanks S
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