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  1. Ritchie, Thank you for responding so promptly! I'm satisfied with your response as it seems to be a well-established one to these types of questions in the forum. As a huge fan of you and your teams' work, I will continue to hope that this type of functionality lands itself onto your roadmap somehow. Thanks again for taking the time this weekend. I hope you have a wonderful coming week! Respectfully, Nadmin
  2. Hello Immunet support and community! This is my first post in a forum in a long time, so let me apologize in advance for any improper etiquette. I am wondering if anyone knows of a way in which I can dictate windows exclusions from some non-interactive shell (i.e. command, lines in file, registry db, etc.). I poked around a little bit and found policy.xml in my windows immunet root. It contains : <exclusions> <info> <item>256|2|1|0|CSIDL_BASEDIR</item> <item>256|6|1|0|[A-Za-z]:\\System Volume Information\\tracking.log$</item> </info> </exclusions> I'm looking for some guidance on how these exclusions are stored and if they're accessible or manipulable by me. Thanks in advance for your time! I appreciate it a lot! Respectfully, nadmin
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