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  1. FOR ADVANCED USERS I would say Signatures - Bitdefender and Kaspersky Proactive defense - Bitdefender Total Security and Kaspersky (Proactive defense | System watcher) ESET and Avast are great when configured well. I loved the way Eset has emerged with its sophisticated modules, and turned from a plain anti-malware to an all-in-one antimalware/IS. It does require many user decisions though. Some video tests have strengthened this point. Configurability - Kaspersky, Norton (I had tried Norton long ago, but I am aware of the configurations it offers now) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOR VERY BASIC USERS (maybe a newcomer or parents..?) I think Avast, Avira or ESET would be simpler programs to interact with. Among free ones, Avira and Avast are good. I will delete Bitdefender from here because it gets difficult for users unfamiliar with these toys, to deal with FPs.
  2. Antivirus does not slow your laptop generally unless it is not the good one. I have been using Bitdefender and Kaspersky and i did not face issues related to processing speed. There may be some other software like VPN or else that may slow down processing speed.
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