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  1. Here's the 'copy failed' screen with details shown. copy failed details.pdf
  2. Unable to send message. "wookie cannot receive messages"
  3. I've disabled the Firewall and tried installing as Administrator. Same error. Don't see an 'agent.exe.' I'm having trouble getting the screen printed at the right time but will try some more. Am sending install log via message.
  4. I seem to have plenty of space on the C drive, almost 1 Tb. I get the same error when I try to install in safemode.
  5. Attached are the specs for this computer. Yes, I am installing on the default drive. I have never before installed Immunet on this computer. I do have Immunet 3 installed on an another computer. Thanks. Computer specs.pdf
  6. I am not aware of any software on the machine that would be scanning (and corrupting) the package. I am attaching screenshots of what appears just before seeing the "Copy failed" message. Thanks for your help, Art Immunet copy failed.pdf
  7. It's Windows 10 Home, version 1803. I'm getting the same result with the newer installer and with Windows Defender firewall turned off. Art
  8. I am unable to install Immunet 6 on a Windows 10 computer. After the message "Extract ... global.xml ... 100%", the next line is "Copy failed", and the installation halts. Please advise.
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