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  1. Well, I'm thought I was giving up on ClamWin. it is taking over 8 hours to scan C drive (114GB of data) using 50% of cpu, that's unacceptable. LOL, then I used Immunet to scan C drive, and sfc.exe is using 99% of cpu. I guess I'm going back to Microsoft Security Essentials thanks anyway
  2. Thanks Ritchie. I actually installed ClamWin for Windows and have been trying that. What does Immunet do, that ClamWin does not do, or what is the reason for using Immunet? I thought it was a windows version for ClamAV, but now I found ClamWin, and that doesn't have the annoying popus of Immunet, and ClamWin has email notifications when a virus is detected. Any explanation of a benefit of sticking with Immunet would be appreciated.
  3. Hello, I searched these forums for phrase" email notifications" and only found something from 2014. I found the history.db file, copied it, open it, and it appears to be in SQLIte format. My idea is to be able to write a windows script to query that db, looking for instances of a virus detected, and then send me an email about it. I haven't tried it yet, just asking to see if the db file is accessible or if it has an authentication gate that prevents reading it's contents? Thanks
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