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  1. Yes, I will be running it alongside a tested and supported AV suite. However, thanks for letting me know about adding the exception. ? Also, I have one simple question aside from my previous post. Immunet should/does work fine on Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition, correct? I've already searched the forum and found some threads asking this same question and while some people had issues, they were generally fixed by restarting the server (I suppose after the Immunet installation). The specific thread I'm referencing when I mention restarting (what I assume to be the server and not Immunet) isn't old, but it also isn't brand new so that's why I wanted to go ahead and ask this question real quick. Reference Thread: http://support.immunet.com/topic/3653-windows-server-2012-r2-v60810638-not-scanning-non-system-drives/ Thanks again!
  2. Hello everyone, So as of right now 64-bit processes are not protected by Immunet? I will say I do understand that Immunet is capable (and I would imagine even recommended) to be run alongside supported Antivirus programs/suites (which of course should protect 64-bit processes). Please inform me if I am mistaken and/or overlooking anything. Thanks in advance.
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