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  1. @ritchie58 Here what I guess you've asked me : https://imgur.com/a/Kuf2g0e 2 Process's errors & the fact that Windows 10x64 Pro (version 1803 build 17134.376) can't recognize Immunet's status. On a side note setting game mode within the settings won't stick aka every startup I see it not flagged in the tray icon. Thanks in advance for your time and patience,if you require more info,just ask,have a good day sir. Ps: I've got this error after Immunet updated itself automatically.
  2. I've got another issue ,lately Immunet display this : https://imgur.com/a/4rcWbvd So 0 people protected from 0 threats EDIT: Windows can't even recognize the AV status,I've got the mini shield icon with the yellow triangle with the !
  3. @Wookiee So is it ok to upgrade to 6.2 ? Is the cloud issue fixed ? Thanks in advance for your reply.
  4. Is it "safe" now to switch to the latest version,or... ? Thanks in advance for yours replies.
  5. Where can I get the link for that version,please. I'll use it,till they fix the new one,then,obviously I'll move to it. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  6. I just did a fresh installation (deleted the previous Immunet, with geek uninstaller) but the 0 cloud users is here again^.
  7. I've to say that's exactly what I did but the 2 process's errors that I have,they persist.
  8. @Bitsomper All we can do is be patient and wait till they release a fix,it is probably an engine issue,so it's not so easily fixed,imho.
  9. @Wookiee I've already done that,but thanks anyway for suggesting it,but the "process issue" is still kicking. I can report this strange behavior too,the two processes are blocked after 2 minutes I've started my computer,at that precise moment the [0 people on Cloud] flash for like 1ms. I have no idea if this could be of any help.
  10. Hi,sorry to bother you,but I've installed,I've installed what it should be the latest Immunet version But I have these issues: - 0 People displayed on the cloud - and some process's errors My O.S is W10x64 with all the latest updates. Thanks in advance for your time and replies.
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