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  1. how can I do that? for cloud engines, not clamAV ETHOS and SPERO are checked in both products
  2. Hi, I appreciate your input I just want to point out the cloud issue in the new version that immunet cannot obtain any signature from the cloud => which leaves users (partially) unprotected from a week-old+ malwares. I believe there is no difference between the 2 products. The problem is v6.0.8 can connect to the cloud database while v6.2 cannot here is the evidence of what I'm trying to say this is the link of the sample I use, if you can't get the file, I can send it to you. This is not a new malware https://www.virustotal.com/vi/file/2a42f2f98bffbdf3f354d162d4f707c33d9bb652cf45a3c8b358535b3c677198/analysis/ this is the screenshot of immunet v6.2.0 tested inside a windows 7 VM with 0 user cloud issue, ClamAV was disabled. I also tested in my main machine, same result this is the screenshot of immunet v6.0.8, WITHOUT the zero cloud issue, ClamAV disabled
  3. they are some malwares I collected and 1 of them was python ransomware. The VM was destroyed by the ransomware so it wasn't a FP. Since v6.0.8 detected it, I didn't submit the malware I mirrored the settings of both. They are both tested in default settings but only ClamAV engine was disabled to verify if cloud signatures were working or not
  4. yes but I'm just partially protected. I trust my test because when I performed tests between v6.0.8 and v6.2 6.2 detected nothing while 6.0.8 detected most of the malwares (a few days old) I tried to execute the malwares that 6.0.8 detected but 6.2 missed. 6.2 failed to protect and the VM was encrypted by a ransomware (which was detected by v6.0.8) which means 6.2 doesn't fully protect users
  5. yes there is. I'm a malware tester and I can see 0 cloud problem leaves users unprotected from less than a week old malwares (ClamAV offline engine is disabled). It could still detect old malwares but quite limited I highly recommend to temporarily switch to the older version because at least it works
  6. here you are https://filehippo.com/download_immunet_protect_free/download/36125db18bfbc1a369c933bb66d8152a/
  7. for your information, v6.0.8 is still working flawlessly and doesn't have 0 cloud user issue. Its signatures are fully intact
  8. hi, any information about a possible fix? Cloud stats still shows 0 users I have not been able to use Immunet since this version came out because all the cloud engines are not functioning, literally ? it only detects very very old malwares, >1 week, but very limited
  9. hello, I also have the same problem with the cloud that the number of user shows 0 I tried to test the cloud engines (disabled ClamAV) with a context scan of a malware folder, immunet detected nothing while in v6.0.8, it detected almost everything Please fix it thank you
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