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  1. Message sent Ritchie58! Thank-you. Bits
  2. I know I've posted about this before - but here is an example where we really need 4K! I can't click on the button because it simply isn't shown. This now comes up every time I log in because I cannot clear it. Is there a registry entry that I can adjust? And any news on WHEN 4k might be supported?
  3. Has this issue been resolved yet? I am needing to look at my quarantined files and it's nearly impossible to see given how small the UI is?
  4. BitStomper

    Copyable Text

    It would be awesome if you would allow the text in the quarantine details window to be copied to the clipboard. It makes it easier to create any exclusion rules as you can copy the path from a quarantine record.
  5. I am having this same issue on multiple machines. Is there any update on how to fix this? It will not even get updates when forced.
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