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  1. Thanks, everyone, for your input. Clam AV is the only product that works on my antiquated XP with the slow processor but a scan took 11.96 hours! Malwarebytes works fine but doesn't detect infected files. I've checked for XP support or tried Panda, Sophos, Avira, Kaspersky, McAfee, FortiClient, Bit Defender, Zone Alarm, Bit Defender, Adaware, Comodo, and Amiti - no luck.
  2. Dear Wookiee and Ritchie, Actually, after checking my notes, I find I misspoke. Please see this link: https://www.quora.com/What-happened-to-Baidu-Antivirus-Is-it-really-discontinued The person who wrote this in July 2017 didn't mention "two years" but did say it has no longer been supported "for some time." I'm looking for a free antivirus that supports (1) Windows XP and (2) my slow processor, AMD 3000+. I don't have an Athlon 64 processor, which is what Avast! and AVG free require. It appears Amiti Antivirus might be a contender for me; it requires CPU: Pentium 3 or later. Do you know anything about this program? Thank you both your interest and concern. Best wishes, Larry
  3. Hi, Ritchie, Thank you again for your quick reply and sound advice. I found out today the company that puts out Baidu Antivirus has not maintained it for two years! I'm going to install ClamWin on the XP machine, although its scans are notoriously slow, and will NOT engage in online banking or commerce. By the way, the XP computer is at home and my wife and I use it mainly for e-mail. We seldom get on the Internet. In my office I use Windows 7 and love it. Best wishes, Larry
  4. Ritchie, thank you so much! I'm having the same problem with Baidu, another free antivirus program that scans fine on my XP machine but will not update its antivirus definitions. Do you happen to know if it, also, no longer supports XP? A third option for me is Amity Antivirus. I've tested it and it DOES seem to update. If that doesn't work I probably will buy a new computer with Windows 7. Thank you again. Best wishes, Larry
  5. Hello, I've installed Immunet 3 on my XP computer and cannot seem to connect to the Internet. I tried to download version 6.2.0 and it failed. On the main menu, the program says "0 people supported" and "0 threats." I checked my firewall and 3 Immunet applications are listed, all say "allow." I checked services and sfc.exe is running. Please help, and thank you.
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